MystNodes launches on Android - Earn cryptocurrency with just your phone

Are you ready to tap into the world of crypto using just your phone? Today we’re launching the MystNodes Android application – an exciting addition to our family of compatible devices. Any Android user can now easily share their WiFi or mobile data connection and earn cryptocurrency using a single app

Recap: What Is MystNodes?

App home screen MystNodes is your entry point to a global network where anyone can share their internet connection and earn cryptocurrency by the minute.

MystNodes software turns your device into an encrypted, secure access point to the internet so verified businesses and platforms around the world can check out the web in your location for things like market research, price monitoring, and search engine optimization.

Share & Earn: Get Started in Just a Few Minutes

To get started, first register an account with Then download the new Android app using the following link, and follow the easy onboarding steps. You’ll have to connect your Android device to your MystNodes account using the API key shown in your profile here.

If it’s your first node registration with us, you can register for free. If you already have an account and node set up, you’ll need to pay a small fee (roughly $1 USD) to register your new mobile node on the Polygon blockchain.

You can also pay in MYST token for your node registration. The specific amount depends on current Polygon network fees, but usually it’s around 0.2 MYST ($0.05 or less).

You may also need to enable 3rd party APK installs. Check out our step by step guide to see how it’s done. Once set up, just leave the app running in the background and forget all about it, until your crypto earnings start rolling in…

Use Mobile Data and Set Limits

Mobile data setting screen

One of the perks of running MystNodes on Android is that you can run it wherever you are, even without a WiFi connection.

If you are worried about mobile data limits, simply “Set Mobile Data Limit”. With this feature, you can set aside a certain amount of data that perhaps goes unused each month, even though you keep paying for it. This way, your excess data will be put to good use and can bring you some crypto income. Please note that the mobile data limit gets reset to the default value on the first day of each month.

Factors Influencing Your Crypto Earnings

Your crypto earnings will depend on several factors, one of which is your location. Prices will be set based on a supply and demand algorithm for each region. The algorithm will assess your connection, looking at factors such as region, IP location (residential / non-residential), and quality.

To get a general idea of the earnings of top-performing nodes in various regions, you can visit our leaderboard which we regularly update on the MystNodes website. Please note that these earnings are from desktop and dedicated hardware devices, so average earnings for Android may be different.

Comparison between UIs

What Can You Do to Maximize Your Earning Potential?

Run your node 24/7. Some sessions can be very long and if you are disconnected from a client, they will be reconnected to a more competitive node.

Double-check your settings and ensure your node is “active”.

Also, note that MystNodes isn’t particularly demanding of your phone battery, it cares more about bandwidth. If you’re not receiving much traffic, it could be because your ISP is blocking this traffic.

What Is the Connection Used For?

Our business and research partners access the node network for various purposes like market research, SEO monitoring, aggregating prices and deals, and even cybersecurity. connection use chart

We also work with VPN services so everyday people around the world may connect to your node to access local content such as streaming services, social media, Wikipedia, or simply enhance their privacy. In fact, many journalists, activists, and researchers rely on such networks to protect their online communications and research from prying eyes.

How Is My Connection Secured?

We take your privacy very seriously. The network is secured by military-grade encryption and any traffic running through your device is encrypted. There is also no central database, so data cannot be physically collected or compromised.

We only use the bare minimum information to get you online and earning: your IP address and email address for registration. You can create a totally separate email address just for MystNodes to keep it separate from your personal one.

What Is the Difference Between “VPN” “Data Transfer” and “Data Scraping” Options?

services screen

MystNodes offers the option to only accept verified traffic from our B2B partners who we vet and work with contractually. These are the “Data transfer” and “Data scraping” options. These businesses must use our services in accordance with their local laws, hence, partners are responsible for how the traffic is used.

By selecting the “VPN” traffic option, you will receive traffic from everyday users of our VPN partners. While we do have safeguards in place to protect you from “bad traffic”, since the traffic is used to power public services, there is still some risk involved. However, in reality the majority of traffic is safe, and selecting the “VPN” option also increases your overall earning potential.

However, you should not enable “VPN” traffic if you’re based in the following countries: Canada, the U.S., the UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, or India. For those who have a greater technological understanding of how to run an exit node safely and protect the privacy of their node running activities from ISPs, you are welcome to accept all “VPN” traffic. If you’re running a node for the first time or have more questions, you can read our updated DOCS pages , to learn more about how we work, how we protect our node runners, and how to configure your device to maximize earning potential.

Download MystNodes for Android and start earning crypto right away!

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