The MystNodes Friend Referral Program is Live

Having friends pays off - literally.

We’ve got some exciting news to share that could boost your passive crypto earnings and make you more popular (no promises).

Introducing the MystNodes Friend Referral Program.

Reminder: What is MystNodes?

MystNodes is the go-to app if you’re looking to turn your everyday device into a crypto passive income machine.

How? By sharing your internet connection with businesses for commercial purposes like market research, web scraping, content delivery and price monitoring.

It’s the modern way of making your device work for you.

The Basics: Give 5, Get 5 back

Our referral system is as simple as it gets.

When a friend signs up for MystNodes using your unique referral link, they get an awesome head start. When they earn 5 MYST, they will get a bonus 5 MYST as a welcome gift.

What’s in it for you? We believe in spreading good karma, so when your referred friend earns that 5 MYST from their node, you will also receive a sweet 5 MYST bonus. A “thank you” from the MystNodes team for bringing your buddy to the world of passive crypto income and making our network bigger, stronger and more decentralized.

How It Works

  1. Get Your Unique Referral Link: Head to your MystNodes profile, find the referral link, and grab it. This link is your golden ticket to extra earnings.


    Make sure you have added your wallet address to your MystNodes account first. Without it, no referral link can be generated!

  2. Share the Love: Send your referral link to friends, family, or anyone who loves the idea of earning crypto passive income while they sleep. Don’t forget to mention the cool 5 MYST bonus awaiting them!
  3. Watch Your Earnings Grow: As your friends join MystNodes and their nodes also start earning MYST, you’ll see your rewards stack up. Please note that rewards will be earned only for the first node that your friend activates. That is, if a friend creates 3 nodes, you will receive the reward for the first of their nodes to earn 5 MYST.

Why Join the Referral Fun?

  • Boost Your Crypto Holdings: Who doesn’t love more crypto in their wallet? With the referral system, you’re not just earning from your node; you’re getting extra rewards from your network.
  • Build a Crypto Community: MystNodes isn’t just an app; it’s a community. By referring friends, you’re helping to grow the MystNodes family and creating a network that helps make the web more accessible, secure and people-powered.
  • Give and Receive: It’s a win-win situation. Your friends get a head start, and you get a bonus. The more, the merrier, right?

Spread the Word, Reap the Rewards

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into your profile, grab your referral link, and start spreading the word. Let’s turn this crypto journey into a shared adventure where everyone benefits.

It’s time to give 5, get 5, and watch the MYST magic unfold!

Happy referring!

PS. Check out our Help Center FAQs if you want more details on payout timelines, general terms of the program

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